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"Honigsüß und makellos rein ist Lees Ton im Violinkonzert von Erich Wolfgang Korngold, mühelos bewältigt sie virtuoseste Passagen in höchsten Lagen. Im Finale bringt sie ihre Mitspielerinnen und Mitspieler mächtig ins Schwitzen, so rasant legt sie das Tempo vor." -Der Tagesspiel

"The heroine of the piece was the Korean concertmaster Jiyoon Lee; her coquettish solo as the Hero’s Companion an homage to Strauss’ wife, Pauline. The last movement, the Hero’s retirement from the world, was especially moving, with its pastoral interlude followed by a last brass fanfare before the tranquil E flat major ending fading into nothingness and peaceful death." - Bachtrack



"The young Jiyoon Lee, who comes from the influential Barenboim team, had an impeccable version, powerful in correction, good manners and resolute virtuosity. Jiyoon Lee reaped an irrefutable and well-worked success, which continued with a Bach very much in line with the interpretive characteristics defined in Bruch." - Beckmesser  

"Orchestra manager Richard Gateau called her a rising star but I already want to call her a great star, clearly brilliant with an international career that can carry any distance.
Lee showed an overall understanding of Mendelssohn's stunningly beautiful work. She seemed unaffected, yet almost disrespectful towards the technical challenges that are there. She is incredibly virtuosic and has a deep understanding of the capacity and the sound of the instrument!"-  Vestmanlands Läns Tidning  

"Die Heldin dieses Abends wurde die koreanische Geigerin Jiyoon Lee – mit einem mal bedrohlich dunklen, mal strahlenden Ton. Ein Geschenk!" - Berliner Zeitung   

"Mr. Barenboim created vivid focal planes, contrasting the specificity of the deeply personal violin solos, rendered with juicy tone by Jiyoon Lee, and the billowing, dark-edged playing of the full ensemble." - The New York Times    

"Hinreißend spielt die 25jährige, schon mit vielen Preisen bedachte Koreanerin Jiyoon Lee die Solo-Geige der Gefährtin im 3. Satz. In Berlin an der Hochschule für Musik „Hanns Eisler“ hat sie sich den letzten Schliff geholt und bringt das Superzarte genau so tonschön wie die kraftvollen Passagen." - Online Merker    

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